College Guide For Homeschoolers

Homeschooling is not restrictive. Through our community service projects and with the flexibility of our academic calendar, Homeschooled students interact more with their community, especially with people in varying age groups. Learning in non-traditional environments and being exposed to people of different maturity levels all add up to better equip the homeschooled students for college life and makes them valuable additions to college campuses. Overall, homeschooled students tend to be more well-travelled, high-achieving, and self-aware than their public and private school counterparts. While traditional Educators may pay more attention to​ developing math skills, abilities or study habits, We at Saros Education center understand that a student is the sum of their passions, interests, strengths weakness and sense of humour, the list is endless. At SHE Center, we offer holistic mentorship for our students towards college admissions.
Our study program is designed to teach students to manage their time, study efficiently, Learn from mistakes, and to be consistent, through the years they imbibe skills that help them to create a study schedule and testing timeline for succeeding in standardized tests. The world is their classroom, we encourage students to explore their interests and take on leadership positions in their passions, Their community experiences teach them to network their way into their dream opportunities and gain admission to their dream schools.

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